Frequently asked questions

What if the course I have applied for has no available places?
There may be a waiting list for some instrument courses. It is important that you indicate your first and second preference for instruments when you apply.
I do not own an instrument, what can I do?
You may rent an instrument from the Culture school during the first year. The following instruments are available: violin, cello, trumpet, trombone, tuba, tenor horn, French horn, saxophone, concert flute, and clarinet.
When and where does the education take place?
Normally, classes are scheduled during school hours and held at the school (20 minutes per week). Alternatively, classes are held outside of school hours at the Culture school's own premises. Classes for dancing and orchestras are not held during school hours. If you have requests concerning the schedule, contact us.
How "good" do I have to be to take part in the courses?
All pupils attending courses at the Culture school shall be allowed to develop their skills at a level suitable to the individual. You will be given exercises to practice at home as homework for the next lesson.
I have finished primary school; can I still join your courses?
If you have taken a break from playing/singin and wish to take up the activity again, contact the Culture school.
I have another question.
Please contact us. See contact information on the left part of the page.

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