Our courses

Children attending third form or primary school or above, may choose from the following courses: 

  • Musical instruments (several)
  • Dancing
  • Acting 

Classes are normally held in small groups. Individual training may be offered to children in eighth form or above, or if there are special circumstances.
You may not take courses for more than one musical instrument at a time. You may, however, attend courses in choral singing, dancing or acting in addition to the instrument course.
For each course, the minimum number of lessons per year is 23.


Grundkurs: 250 kronor per termin, exklusive bok/instrument Ämneskurs: 610 kronor per termin
Instrument: 300 kronor per termin

Barn 1 - 600 kronor
Barn 2 - 400 kronor
Barn 3 - 250 kronor

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