Älmhults municipality and IKEA in unique collaboration

Together we can make a great school even better!

- Älmhults municipality and IKEA in unique collaboration

Several independent studies have shown that, today, Älmhult’s schools achieve
high standards but Älmhult Municipal Authority and IKEA, working in tandem,
want to take that success even further and make a great school even better.

On the basis of a project begun in 2013, IKEA provides an annual financial contribution to both the primary school (7 to 16 years) and the international school in Älmhult. Overall, this represents a sum of SEK 8M per year – a fund that is aimed at giving a further boost to activities at the school.

– Älmhult lies at the heart of IKEA operations and we have 4000 staff members here. In order that we can recruit, train and then retain the necessar skills and competences at Älmhult, we need to be seen as an attractive employer. Being able to offer a great school is an important part of that process, says Gudmund Vollbrecht, Senior Advisor, IKEA AB.

IKEA’s contribution to school resources mean that every child is given an improved basis upon which he or she can realise their full potential. This puts the school in a position where it can initiate activities which would not have been attempted within the framework of an ordinary budget. The school itself has been allowed to identify the areas that need to be developed and has chosen the following three areas:

• Develop educational leadership in the
• Intensive teaching
• Purchase of technology and equipment

Communication proceeds via a coordination committee

IKEA and the local authority have formed a coordination committee consisting of three representatives from IKEA and three from Älmhult authority. The coordination committee is
there to ensure that the fund contribution is used in accordance with the agreed framework and to monitor the results achieved. Precisely what needs to be done and precisely how the initiatives should be pursued is solely a matter for Älmhult Local Authority to decide.

– The fund injection from IKEA gives us the chance to get started with things much more quickly. For example with new working methods that will help us meet the needs of pupils in this municipal area in an even better way, says Björn Holmgren, TF leader for the training/education section of Älmhult local authority.

Contact Älmhults municipality:

P-O Johansson, Head of Compulsory Schools: 0476-550 60
E-mail: po.johansson2@almhult.se

Contact IKEA:

Gudmund Vollbrecht, Senior Advisor: 0476-823 26
E-mail: gudmund.vollbrecht@ikea.com

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