Sustainability week

On April 24-29 2017 Sustainability Week (Hållbarhetsveckan) was organized in Älmhult. During the Sustainability Week, we brought everyone together who wants to make Älmhult and the world more sustainable. By showing positive examples, we want to increase the awareness that it is possible to change the way we live and manage our planet. To achieve a sustainable future we need to rethink and think new. It also requires that we act together at all levels. Together we can influence, inspire and nudge the world in a better direction.


Theme of the week: Sustainable consumption and reuse

The theme of the week was "Sustainable consumption and reuse." By consuming smart, and thinking about how we consume, we can reduce unnecessary waste of the earth's resources. This year's theme aimed to inspire more people to share, re-use and act sustainably. With this theme we wanted to create space for reflection and dialogue on how our consumption affects people and the environment. By sharing a product such as by borrowing, swapping and renting, we use our resources in a smarter way. Resuse is basically to extend the lifetime of a product. To consums more sustainable can also mean that we are consuming more sustainably produced products and more services.

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