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Welcome to the official website of the Municipality of Älmhult, www.almhult.se. In this guide, you will learn about the website's functions and features. You will also find technical recommendations and some legal information.


The Municipality of Älmhult uses www.almhult.se (the website) as its primary channel for web communication. Although it is our utmost intention that the information published is accurate and updated, we cannot guarantee that all information on the website is valid at the time of access. Our pages may contain errors, but we do our best to correct them as soon as we can.

Information on the website may have been created or structured in erroneous files or file formats, and we cannot guarantee that our service runs without interruption, whether caused by us or any external failure.

The Municipality of Älmhult is not responsible for material on this website that has been unduly distorted or amended. Neither is it responsible for the content or accuracy of external web pages accessible through links from this website.

Web browser compatibility

We recommend that you use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox to browse our website.

Change website appearance

At the top right-hand corner on every page is a link to the accessibility settings for the website, where you can choose to change fonts or adjust font size, row space and background contrast.

Browsing the website

  • By clicking the logo in the top left-hand corner you can always return to the home page www.almhult.se.
  • The main menu is always available at the top of each page.
  • Below the main menu is a 'breadcrumb' navigation menu. After the text You are here: the pages hierarchically positioned between the home page and your current page are displayed as links. You can use the breadcrumb menu to navigate one or several steps upwards in the website hierarchy.
  • The column on the left normally displays a menu to navigate 'downwards' through the page hierarchy. For every step down the page hierarchy the left-hand menu changes to display the options for the current page. Pages at the bottom of the hierarchy display the menu for the closest page at the above level.
  • The page Sitemap displays the structure of the website. The top three levels are displayed. Note that the English sitemap only shows the pages currently available in English.
  • In the bottom left-hand corner of each page the name of the page editor is shown. By clicking the name you can contact the editor by e-mail. This is the most convenient way to give feedback on a particular page.
  • If your feedback is more general, or if you think important information is missing, please use the online Feedback form. The feedback form is available by clicking the link at the bottom of any page:


All links to pages outside www.almhult.se, as well as all links to documents - internal and external, are opened in a new browser window (or tab, depending on browser and browser settings).
The icon
following a link means the link opens in a new browser window.
The icon
following a link means the linked page is external or an external document and will open in a new browser window.

Printer-friendly layout

Each page on the website has buttons for printing in a printer-friendly format, at the positioned at the top and/or bottom of the center or main column:
When clicking the 'Print' button, a new window opens, displaying the printer-friendly layout. The main article (center column) will be printed on top, then the left column and the right column in sequence. Any menus and other navigation will be excluded from the print job. The print manager will start automatically.

E-mail addresses

Personal e-mail addresses to all contact persons within the municipal services follows the pattern


If names contain special characters 'å', 'ä' or 'ö', replace them with 'a' or 'o', respectively.


According to the Swedish Electronic Communications Act, entered into force on 25 July 2003, the following information on websites using cookies is mandatory:

  • that the website uses cookies
  • what cookies are used for, and
  • how to avoid cookies being stored on one's computer.

Cookies are small text-format files that websites may request to store on your computer to give you access to or make possible the use of some of the website's functions. The information stored in a cookie may be used to track your browsing activities on the website.

There are two different kinds of cookies. The first kind stores information on your computer for longer periods of time. These cookies could be used for a number of functions e.g. letting you know what has been updated since your last visit to the website.

The other kind of cookie is called session cookies. Session cookies are only stored temporarily on your computer while you are browsing the website. When you close your web browser, the session cookies are deleted from your system.

The Municipality of Älmhult website only uses session cookies. If you do not want the website to store cookies on your computer, you need to change your browser's settings (see your browser's manual for instructions). Note that preventing the use of session cookies may limit your access to some website functions.

PDF viewer

In order to open PDF documents available for download on the website you need to use a PDF viewer. Click the icon below to download the free Adobe Reader (external link).
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