Practical Information

Practical information

An entrance ticket is needed to enter the Haganäs area on Saturday, August 27th. By buying the ticket in advance, you will save money and have guaranteed access to the area. You can buy your ticket here.

Children under the age of 16 can only enter the festival with a grown-up. The entrance ticket is replaced with a wristband when you enter the festival area for the first time. With the wristband, you are allowed to go in and out during the day. Note that there is no seat reservation included in the ticket, since the concert only will offer a standing area.

In general, the attractions within the festival area will be included in the entrance ticket and for free. Some of the activities might cost a little bit extra though.

Getting in and out

East entrance

The east entrance is located by ‘Friskis & Svettis’. This is the best entrance if you arrive by car. Park your car by the IKEA store and you will only have to walk a few hundred meters.

The ticket office at the east entrance will be open until 21.00. For the rest of the evening, you can only enter with a wristband.

West entrance

The west entrance is located by the bicycle stand of Haganässkolan. This is the best entrance if you are walking or cycling from the central parts of Älmhult. It is also the most accessible one. Find the entrance by following the signs towards ‘Internationella skolan’.

The ticket office at the west entrance will be open until 00.00. After that, you can only enter with a wristband.

Taking the bus (number 30)

With bus number 30 you can travel for free in the central parts of Älmhult. It departures from the central station 2-3 times per hour, from early morning until late evening.

If you wish to, you can take the bus from the city centre to the festival area. Go off at ‘Hagabo’ to get to the west entrance, or at ‘IKEA-varuhus’ to get to the east entrance. In both cases, you need to walk a couple of hundred meters.


  • All people entering the festival area might need to go through frisking.
  • If a person refuse frisking, the ticket may not be returned.
  • What is submitted or confiscated by the frisking will not be returned.

You are not allowed to bring any of the following things to the festival area:

  • Food or beverage.
  • Sharp/pointed umbrellas, knives or other things which may be used as weapons.
  • Chairs or other “furniture”. You are not allowed, under any circumstances, to “reserve” seats by placing camping chairs or similar. 
  • Professional recording is only allowed with permission.
  • Dogs or other animals.

Things which are allowed at the festival area:

  • Baby food.
  • Baby strollers.
  • Picnic blankets or similar.
  • Recording with cellphones.


The festival will follow the recommendations for volume set by The National Board of Health and Welfare in Sweden. Children younger than 13 years should therefore not stand close to the stage. In general, children are recommended to stay behind the control centre. However, it is up to the parent to decide if the child is allowed stay in “grown-up volume”.

Think of yourself and your children – bring ear protection or buy ear plugs at the information point.


Most parts of the festival area are easily accessible. If you have a wheelchair and/or other certificates, you will find a platform for you close to the stage.

We recommend you to use the west entrance if you need easy access. There you will find parking lots just next to the entrance and it is the shortest way to the platform.

If you are in need of blind escort or other help, people in service are allowed to go with you for free. A certificate needs to be shown at the entrance.

Food and beverage

In the restaurant and bar tent, you will find food and beverage from Lokstallets catering. If you wish to make a reservation for a group of people, please call 0476-146 50.

The tent will have liquor license and will be open until 01:00. Children are welcome in the tent until 20.00 with a grown-up. After 20.00 you need to be 18 years old to enter the tent - identification must be shown.

There will also be a lot of other food and drinking alternatives within the festival area.

Please note that not all sellers will accept payment with cards. In any case, we recommend cash since it will go quicker.

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